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Metal Roofing Saskatoon

Do You Need Quality Metal Roofing Saskatoon?

Ozmun Exteriors installs and repairs all types of roofs in the area. We see the difference in a variety of types of roofs over time and we know that there really is no “wrong” choice when it comes to the main roofing materials. We also see many people veer away from metal even though they like the look because they believe it may not be as effective in extreme cold. This is simply not the case. Feel free to choose the roofing material that you enjoy aesthetically and understand the pros and cons of all your choices to make an informed decision.

Benefits of Metal Roofing in The North:


  • Metal is hardy. This means our winds, rain, cold, and extreme fluctuations between the freezing and wet seasons will have less impact on your roofing material if you go with the strongest to start with.

  • Metal roofing can be installed year-round. Certain other quality roofing materials may have restrictions due to the cold affecting the materials used to seal and apply.

  • The material can handle snow loads evenly and effectively. Snow guards can help this but metal roofs are known for even load-bearing and snow poses no increased problems.

No matter the roofing material you choose, from shingles to cedar shakes, to metal, or more we have got you covered and likely faster than you expect because we are efficient perfectionists who get the job done right and fast. Contact us for a roof repair or whole new roof consultation. We serve the area and have many satisfied customers. If you have been looking online for metal roofing Saskatoon, or roofing contractors Saskatoon, call Ozmun Exteriors today. We also do residential and commercial siding, and gutter repair and replacement so you can contract a whole home makeover with us to improve your home's value and energy efficiency.

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