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Don't wait on it: 3 Risks of Delaying Your Siding project

Many homeowners hesitate when it's time to do siding remodelling. They get intimidated by the time and the cost and believe that other, smaller projects around the home should take priority. Your home's siding is an important part in protecting your home and warrants your immediate attention - it serves as the 'frontlines' against the elements. If your siding is in a state of deterioration then it can cause a lot of unwelcome problems.

1. Interior paint and wallpaper damage

Without proper siding, moisture can slowly get into the interior of your home and impact your walls. Peeling paint and loose wallpaper are common signs that your siding is probably damaged. Take note of where you're seeing these effects as that is most likely an area that the siding is particularly damaged. 2. Costly Energy Bills

Poor siding won't just lead to expensive repairs but it will lead to expensive utility bills. Proper siding helps to make your home more environmentally resilient and helps to keep the heat in on cold days and vice versa.  3. More Maintenance and Less Durability

Like all industries, siding and home exterior technologies have progressed. As a result, so have the options for better quality and more durable siding products. Go for a walk around your neighbourhood and take a look at more recent siding projects that have taken place. You may begin to notice that the quality of the siding products on those homes look more resilient - and they are. Wood as a siding material is falling by the wayside and being replaced by solid siding materials like vinyl and Hardie board which are attractive, safe and strong. Here are some of the reasons why wood siding is no longer the top of the siding food chain: Cost The cost of other types of siding have remained relatively constant while wood siding has been slowly ticking upwards. This is due to regulations, deforestation, and availability. Wood siding is also more costly to maintain over time and typically requires regular washing and painting. Flammability Unlike wood siding - other siding choices such as vinyl and Hardie board are more resilient to fire and safer for the long term. Pests Wood siding is notorious for its susceptibility to termites and carpenter ants. These types of pests can cause serious damage over time and result in costly repairs. Durability Wood siding is far less durable than its more modern counterparts. If well maintained - wood siding can last roughly 20 years whereas vinyl siding or Hardie board siding can last significantly longer. Painting and Color Wood siding needs to be repainted every few years to maintain its presentability and protect it from the elements. Modern siding can be customized to match the hues you want to see on your house - meaning no painting ever again. Ozmun Exteriors can help Siding renovation never has to be a headache. The trick is to begin working with experts who are focused on client satisfaction and customer service. Large renovations can be intimidating - that's why we work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are stress-free and excited. You'll be amazed at how much better your home exterior will look after your project is complete - give us a call today for your free quote!

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Aug 28, 2020

Brydon and his crew removed old cedar shingles on our roof and replaced them with asphalt shinges in about 11 hours. They started early and on time and did an excellent job. We were very happy with their work and would definitely recommend them to others.

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