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Eavestroughs - What you need to know

Does your eavestrough overflow during a heavy rain? This is what can happen when gutters are left cluttered with debris. This can lead to siding and roof damage and mold in your walls and attic. It's not only blocked eavestroughs to look out for; making sure that your downspout as well as your piping lead away from your homes foundation is also important. If they do not lead away then you could be looking at some serious repair bills down the road.

All of which is to say - choosing the right eavestrough is important and choosing the right guttering could save you a lot of time and money. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are in the market for a new eavestrough:

1.) How much rain do you get?

In choosing the right eavestrough it helps to know just how much water it will be handling. Eavestroughs are typically bought at 5', 6', and 7' but when you begin to go wider the cost goes up.

2.) Eavestrough seams or no?

When it comes to seamless eavestroughs - they are joined only at the downspouts and the corners. This structure helps to strengthen your eavestroughs when they are handling a lot of work which means less of a chance of leaks or breakage. Installing seamless gutters is a big job and should be done by an eavestrough professional who can customize the length of them to the sizes needed for your house.

3.) What eavestrough material should I choose?

When it comes to eavestrough durability you can look toward stainless steel or copper. Something to keep in mind when looking at these though is the cost. These eavestrough materials do tend to be pricey but what you are paying for now will buy you a lot more years of use.

Vinyl eavestroughs tend to be a cheaper, lightweight solution. They are maintenance free but are also more delicate and subject to the extreme Saskatchewan weather. This means that the joints won't stay watertight for the same length of time as some other materials would.

Lastly, and our recommendation, aluminum eavestroughs are another option. They are extremely lightweight and affordable and are very resilient to our high and low temperatures. Prior to going down this route just trim up trees around the house to prevent branches from falling and denting your new aluminum eavestroughs.

The advantage with dealing with Ozmun Exteriors for your aluminum eavestrough needs is that we can make sure that they are installed properly, on time, and in a way that upholds the integrity of your roof. Call us today for your free quote!

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