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Hanging Christmas lights: A Roofers Guide to Success

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Christmas lights hanging off a tree near an eavestrough

It’s the holiday decorating time of the year in Saskatoon again and this article is here to help you out with some tips and tricks for hanging your festive lights.

Test your lights beforehand

The best place to start is to simply make sure that your lights work. The last thing that you are wanting is to have put them all up only to realize too late that they don’t work. Plug them all in beforehand and just do a double-check to make sure you avoid this.

If a certain section of the lights isn’t working for you then there might be a bad bulb, or a poor contact between the socket and the bulb. At times a defect will prevent the bulbs from maintaining the electrical current throughout the rest of the lights. Check each bulb and gently pull it away from the socket to check for looseness.

Keep using this method for every non-functional bulb along the chain, up until you find the bulbs responsible for causing any trouble. Replace as you must.

Measure the length of your lights

Another important step to keep in mind for your light-hanging success is to measure them beforehand. You want to start with the length of the area of your home you would like to place the lights. Use a measuring tape and take the time now to map out which lights you want to place and where. Planning this out beforehand means you won’t run out of a certain colour before you wanted to. Don’t forget to adjust for added length around doorways and windows. Also if you are planning on doing a wrapping of lights around railings or poles.

Why the type of bulb matters

Keeping in mind the type of bulb your lights use is an important factor. LED lights tend to give off a colder, blue tint but can stand more strands together more easily. Incandescent bulbs offer a warmer, more yellow tint but are limited in the number of strands that can connect together. If you are purchasing a multitude of strands be sure that they are of the same manufacturer or at least the same bulb as no lights are created equally and they may not match.

Light-hanging hacks:

Use a Hanging Pole

If you are wanting to get creative with hanging Christmas lights in high up or hard to reach places then a Hanging Pole is your best friend. It is a safe option that can help to save you a trip up a ladder.

Christmas Light Clips

Christmas light clips are now considered ‘Christmas light-hanging 101’. These clips are especially useful for hanging lights on hard-to-reach gutters and roof shingles if you so wish.

Outdoor Extension Cords

These are indispensable when it comes to hanging outdoor Christmas lights. Consider using a stake outlet extender for added versatility.

Outdoor Timer

Adding an outdoor timer into your Christmas light set up is a great way to ‘set it and forget it’. This will save you the bother of turning off all of your lights each night and in case you forget to unplug some nights - it will save you on your electricity bill as well.

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