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Saskatoon! New Year, New Roof and Repair.

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Weather damage on the roofing of a house in Saskatoon

The majority of us 'stoonians' New Year’s resolutions tend to be along the lines of bettering yourself in different ways. Deciding to eat better, deciding to engage in more exercise - the list goes on. But something that is also worth thinking about at this time is how you can improve something that helps to protect your home and your family as well - your roof. Sometimes keeping your roof in the best shape it can be in takes a keen eye and some materials replacement.

This winter we experienced record-breaking snowfall. This downpour of sleet and snow called to attention a lot of problems that home owners had otherwise not noticed. As a result of this sort of snow levels - there have been ceiling collapses, damaged troughs and shingles and an increased potential for personal injury from falling snow or debris. A lot of home owners have already had to not only repair their roof, but some have had to replace it entirely. A lot of this stress, time, and cost could be avoided by making sure you take a look at your roof as often as possible. If individuals keep up with this then it often proves as a significant preventative measure to these sorts of damages.

Below is a list of things to consider when you are considering investing in repairing or redoing your roof in the New Year:

  • First of all - evaluate your roof’s condition, looking at the interior of your house as well as in the attic to find any evidence of past leaks.

  • It’s always a good thing to know the history of your roof. This will help in determining where you make sure to pay extra attention.

  • Make sure you have a clean slate - tidy up any drains as well as your entire roof of any loose debris.

  • Take a look at any potential problem areas due to overhanging tree branches.

  • If you feel like you are capable of making minor repairs to your roof where you see fit then by all means go ahead. These small steps now can save you in the long run.

If you feel like it’s looking more like a roof replacement scenario than a minor roof repair situation then give us a call. Ozmun Exteriors offers fast and reliable roofing services that will allow you to focus your attention on all of your other New Year’s resolutions.

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