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Soffit and Fascia: What you need to know

Regardless of whether you have a fantastic contractor whom you trust - it's always a good thing to know a bit about the different parts of your roof. It will benefit you to know how they function, methods for caring for them, and also when it might be time to look into replacing them.

The two main components in the gutter zone of your roof are soffit and fascia. These act as integral components for getting water to go away from your house.


A soffit is the word that is used to describe the exposed zone under the eavestrough of your roof. It also can be used to describe the area that is underneath a staircase, ceiling, or arch.

More often then not a soffit is made of aluminum or vinyl. Their function is to allow air circulation into your attic. Soffits are made to do this by having perforations in them that allows air to travel freely through them.

Like many of the exterior components of your house - soffit is often exposed to the elements. A solid soffit will be able to hold it's own during our worst storms. It does help to develop the practice of maintaining your eavestrough so that less stress is placed on the soffit as well.


The fascia of a house is what protects the edge of your roof from the elements. Typically it's a board that is attached to the rafters of your roof.

Fascia is pivotal in the overall health of a roof. If it begins to degrade or rot then it is very important to get ahold of your contractor and have them take a look at it. Degrading fascia can lead to an exposed roof interior which will be subject to water damage and more.

Is it time to replace my soffit and fascia?

Keep in mind that one way to get the longest life out of your soffit and fascia is by maintaining your gutters. Sometimes, though, when it's time it's time and you need to look into getting some work done on them.

Soffit tends to become damaged due to gutters overflowing - clogged gutters with ice or tree debris are notorious for this. In Saskatchewan, ice dams are a very common occurrence in household gutter systems. Good winter gutter maintenance is a great way to stretch out the lifespan of your soffit. If you begin to see icicles coming down through your soffit then that's a sign that they are in need of some attention.

Maintaining your fascia is an important thing to do as well. Because of their protective function, they are on the forefront of your house so they are highly visible. If your fascia has been badly weather-worn or been beaten up it will effect the curb appeal and attractiveness of your homes exterior.

It's a good thing to note that because of the high visibility of fascia - it is important that you and your contractor are absolutely on the same page regarding what materials are to be used and how you would like your roof to look once your new fascia has been installed.

If you are finding yourself to be concerned about the state that your soffit or fascia is in then give Ozmun Exteriors a call. We will drive out to you and provide you with a quote for your project free of charge.

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