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What kind of siding should you choose for your home?

Choosing what kind of siding you want for your home is about more than what just looks good. While you will want to style it your own way, some things that you will still need to keep in mind are durability, environmental impact, and upkeep. Here are a few things to know about your options before you dive into choosing what siding is right for you.

1. Stucco Siding

Stucco siding is durable and has relatively low-maintenance. Stucco also tends to be a popular choice because of its ability to be directly applied to most other materials like brick, concrete, metal, and wood.


Because of its durability, Stucco siding requires very little maintenance and should last a long time. Don’t paint over old stucco as it will need frequent touch-ups - instead, purchase the colour of stucco you want and apply that the first time around.


Typically, stucco siding is mixed from building sand, Portland cement, lime and water. The production process of Portland cement is linked to CO2 emissions which has a negative impact on the environment. However, newer formulas that use earth and lime are now options as well. 

2. Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is the most commonly installed exterior siding for homes in Saskatoon. This is because it has a low cost, is durable, and has many design options. Vinyl is the lowest maintenance siding as you can clean it with a hose and there’s no need for repainting or touch-ups. 


The durability of vinyl siding is one of the feathers in its cap. Chips and scratches are rare and its light weight makes it easy to install. Vinyl siding is also a solid option for when you are looking to cover up old siding as it can simply be installed over top of it. 


Vinyl siding is made from PVS which is what makes it as durable as it is. The reason that it is so durable is also the reason it won’t easily breakdown in landfills. Where vinyl siding on your home will last a lifetime, the one downside is that if it is not broken down, repurposed, or reused properly then it will last in the dump for a very long time. 

2. Hardie Board siding

Hardie Board siding is one of the most popular choices for homeowners across Canada. This type of siding is another low maintenance option that is also environmentally friendly. 


Hardie Board is a bit of a chameleon. Made up of a mix of wood pulp, cement, clay, and sand - it can be moulded to look like wood, stucco, or masonry. It is easily painted and comes with many options for designs and finishes. Another bonus is that due to its material make-up it doesn’t not expand or contract, which is especially good for our harsh Saskatchewan weather.


Due to Hardie Board being significantly more heavy than its vinyl counterparts, it significantly increases the cost of labour. The materials and processes involved in building the Hardie Board itself is also more cost intensive which then comes around to the home-owner to food the bill for these increased costs.

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